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as the MAN is a site which has been developed to fight against the modern MAN who has lost his masculinity and resourcefulness of the MAN of old.  If you are tired of walking around town and feeling disappointed with the current state of PUSSIFICATION of the modern MAN, then this site is for you.

It is time to take a stand against the growing softness of today’s MANthe MAN of today needs to be one that is not afraid to challenge himself, grow, learn, and stand up for what is RIGHT!

If you are the MAN who drinks your whiskey neat or craft beer; the MAN who puts in a hard day’s work to provide for himself and his family; the MAN who pushes himself to the limits of his own capabilities every day, then is this site for you!

Our goal at as the MAN is to allow the MAN to ask those questions “as the MAN, is it ok to X, Y, Z?”  Let your fellow MAN answer the questions you have.  Through the polls, the MAN will be able to see if what the MAN does is acceptable.  as the MAN is just getting started, and as we grow you will see more and more things of interest to the as the MAN Community.

as the MAN posts multiple times throughout the day.  Click on the Posts to bring you to the polls.  You do not need a login or email in order to vote.  as the MAN encourages all of the MAN out there to share questions, pictures and opinions with as the MAN through the CONTACT button.  This is a site for the MAN, by the MAN.

Share on Facebook, Twitter and all Social Media.  Tell your friends and co-workers.  Together the MAN can get back to the days of OLD and we can end this disgraceful PUSSIFICATION of the modern MAN!!

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