as the Man

Are you the Man?

About the MAN

Who is the man?

We are all the MAN.

as the MAN is helping the MAN answer the questions that need answering.

the MAN who has started this website started at Left Tackle for a Division One football program and served in the US Army where he earned his Green Beret.

the MAN’s goal for this website is to fight the PUSSIFICATION of the modern man and help the MAN regain the manliness of the days of old.

as the Man is in its infancy and you will see changes on the site as we continue to grow. The website will have new content posted throughout the day, each and every day.  Content will include; polls, pictures, and articles.

Everyone is welcome to vote and share with us your as the MAN questions and suggestions.  Just like the MAN needs to grow and continue to better himself, as the MAN will do the same.

Join in the conversation by voting for what you think is acceptable for the MAN! Send in your own as the MAN questions and pictures by clicking on contact us or on Twitter @astheMAN1 and Facebook at as the MAN.

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