Every MAN should own at least one suit.  Suits are the everyday MANs uniform of battle. Putting on a suit and tie can make one feel more powerful, respected, and classy.  Putting on a suit and tie can also be one of the worst parts of a job, but let’s not talk about that.

Deciding which color suit to buy and wear can be an afterthought for some, but the color you choose can say a lot about you.  Maybe I am just a dummy or I have just never had a job where I wore suits on a constant basis, but I have come to learn that suit colors have a hidden meaning.  There are certain situations and occasions where a certain color of suit will work best or not work at all.

A suit from Jos A Bank and Men’s Warehouse will be totally acceptable for most MAN.  The everyday MAN doesn’t need to shop at Saks Fifth Avenue for an expensive suit that he might only wear for interviews, weddings or funerals.  However, it’s never a bad investment to own an expensive suit to really make a statement and great first impression.  Perception is reality.

The MAN should own multiple suits.  The three main colors that the MAN should own are Charcoal (gray for you hooligans that don’t know colors), Navy Blue and Black.  These three colors will cover the MAN for almost every situation he will encounter.


Charcoal is a great neutral color.  Neutral colors go well with the vast majority of colors so it will allow the MAN to mix and match the color of ties and shirts.  Charcoal is the second most popular suit color for interviews and goes well with most occasions. It is a tad bit more formal than Navy Blue, and because Charcoal comes in a variety of shades, the darker the shade the more appropriate for an even more formal setting.

What does Charcoal say about the MAN?

It says the MAN is sophisticated, mature and confident.  It shows the MAN is secure in his actions and words.

When should the MAN wear a Charcoal suit?

Charcoal goes great in many situations; interviews, the office, weddings, meetings, and presentations.  Charcoal is not distracting to people who you are speaking with and definitely not as over powering as straight up black.


Navy Blue is the GO TO suit color for the MAN.  If the MAN owns one suit, it should Navy Blue.  The color Navy is great for the MAN who wants to let his effort and hard work speak and not his attire.  Navy is a very peaceful, almost reassuring color.  Much like Charcoal, Navy is a simple color and the MAN can have fun making it unique by wearing colorful ties, shirts and socks.  When rocking a Navy colored suit, the MAN should go for the darker side of the spectrum.

What does Navy say about the MAN?

A professional who is respectful to himself and colleagues.  Navy says you are not a wild card.  It gives your audience the sense that you are conventional, calm and stable.  It lets the world know that you are intelligent, loyal and trustworthy.

When should the MAN wear a Navy suit?

Navy is the universal color for suits.  It is an extremely adaptive color, almost chameleon like.  You will never be wrong wearing a Navy suit.  You can show off your intellect during a presentation or it can provide a calming affect when a customer or your boss is upset with you.  Navy suits even go great with Summer weddings!


Every MAN needs a Black suit.  If only for the fact that funerals are a part of life. Wearing black to any other function needs to be thought out and carefully planned.  Black is a very formal color and is limited in its versatility because of how demanding the color is. If you are a fan of black and want to wear it to the office, try wearing a Navy or Charcoal suit and use black as an accent color (for the MAN that means wear a black tie, scarf, hat, gloves, ect.).

What does Black say about the MAN?

Black says I’m the HMFIC (Head Mother F’er In Charge).  Black tells your audience that you are the expert.  It says the MAN is powerful, in a position of authority, and has strength.

When should the MAN wear a Black suit?

Funerals, weddings and important business meetings where you want to come off as strong and in charge.  When wearing a Black suit to a funeral, the MAN should wear a solid black tie.  Use the colorful ties for a happier occasion.

These are the three man colors every MAN should own.  In order to make the suits your own, try buying fun colored shirt, ties and socks.  Socks are a great way to have fun while dressing up.  Remember, the color you choose to wear at different occasions has a hidden meaning that you may not think about.