LeBron James is the MAN!  It’s been hard for me to be a fan of LeBron James ever since that infamous day when he told the world “I’m taking my talents to South Beach”.  From that day on, I wasn’t the biggest fan of King James.  I did not like the way he handled that situation, it seemed that he thought he was bigger than the game by putting on that spectacle.  Maybe it could have been the words he chose.  Looking at it now, maybe that’s what he thought was best for the MAN that is LeBron James or for the brand that is LeBron James.

That whole show has little to do with why I think the King is the MAN.  Recently, LeBron has become more outspoken and has been defending himself and his teammates to what the sports writers are saying about him.  Now I am not a sports writer, I am just a MAN who enjoys watching sports.  It is refreshing to hear an athlete, especially one of the best ever, to take the fight back to the press.


I am torn between the where the power lays in sports.  Part of me thinks that the athletes should have more power in decision making of their careers and the leagues they play in.  And they do up to a certain point.  The other part thinks that because they are employees of large company, they should follow standard rules set forth by their team owners (the ones who pay them) and the league, for example what is acceptable to say to the press.

The players are the talent and the reason why millions of people watch sports.  I have grown to realize that the better the player is, the more he can get away with.  It is a direct reflection on his skill. Like it or not, it’s a fact.  Do you think if the 10th MAN on a basketball team punched a teammate like Michael Jordan did, said player would still be on the team the next day?  Most likely not, because there is a plethora of 10th MAN players out there and there is only 1 Michael Jordan.

Now the reason LeBron James is the MAN is the fact that he is taking the fight back to the “keyboard snipers”.  King James has had enough of being bashed in the media and now there’s no need to hold back from speaking his mind.  I find it much more entertaining and refreshing to hear LeBron James say what he feels instead of saying the cliché things athletes say after games.

In the past two weeks, LeBron has come under attack from Charles Barkley and Frank Isola, a writer from the New York Daily News.  Charles Barkley said that LeBron James needs to stop whining.  Chuck was referring to the fact that, reportedly LeBron wanted the Cavaliers to get some better players like the Warriors have been.  LeBron, during an interview, went of the offensive and called out Charles Barkley with some personal attacks.  I thought this was acting like the MAN because LeBron wasn’t going to allow someone who isn’t in the locker room and wasn’t part of any conversations to take a stab at him.  Standing up for what you believe in and willing to take whatever consequences come with it is something all MAN should do.


The beef between LeBron and Frank Isola is over an article Frank wrote saying LeBron wants the Cavs to trade Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony.  The article went one say that LeBron has been pushing for the Cavs to acquire other players and also saying that LeBron was the reason why the Cavs fired David Platt last season.  All of which are between the Cavs and the King.  No matter what “sources” you have, unless its LeBron or David Griffin or Dan Gilbert we will never know what truly happens behind closed doors.  LeBron called the article and the guy who wrote it “trash”.  Good for LeBron.

LeBron James is the MAN for many more reasons than just standing up to the media.  He is the MAN for being a great person.  You never hear about LeBron getting in trouble with the law, or doing dumb things that a person in his position shouldn’t be doing.  LeBron is part of many charities and is always helping out Akron and other towns and cities across America.  LeBron is the MAN that every MAN can respect and learn from.